Rajinikanth In Trouble Again, Lingaa Distributors Give One Week’s Time


RajinikanthSuperstar Rajinikanth doesn’t seem to be getting away from trouble any time soon. The actor who was facing a swarm of protestors outside his residence few weeks back due to the lash between his film Lingaa’s producers and distributors had agreed to pitch in some amount personally to settle the issue. While it looked like the issue was solved, the distributors are apparently not satisfied with the settlement.

Distributors of Rajinikanth starrer film Lingaa faced massive losses due to the film’s unsuccessful earnings. For which they had submitted a plea asking refund of Rs 35 crores earlier. The same got rejected which led to the mass begging protest outside Rajinikanth’s residence. To put an end to the distributors’ misery, Thalaivar himself decided to pay a hefty amount.

Lingaa distributors are now claiming that after being promised a total sum of 12.50 crores, they have received only 5.89 crors approx. According to the distributors the film has earned more than 100 crores from Eros International. After the months long of waiting and procrastination, the distributors and theater owners have finally lost it and have given superstar Rajinikanth one week’s time to undo the damage.

According to one of the distributors the makers of the film have been avoiding confrontation and are making the distributors run to different people for the money. He stated, “When we approached Dhanu he said the money is with Tiruppur Subramaniam. Tiruppur Subramaniam on the other hand says the cash is with Madurai Anbu. Sometimes Subramaniam scares us by saying we wouldn’t be paid.”

Now actor Rajinikanth has only one week’s time before the distributors start to stage new protests. Rajinikanth is currently working with director Ranjith for his next film, which should start rolling by this August if things fall in place.