What Is Rajinikanth Doing With Malaysia’s Prime Minister?


Superstar Rajinikanth, the upcoming hero of, “2.0” has been posting pictures on twitter with new buddies on his list. “2.0” is going to be directed by S.Shankar with a budget of 4 Billion Rupees. Looks like the movie is going to be a huge blast this year.

Coming back to Rajinikanth and his twitter account, he just posted a picture with the Malaysian Prime Minister showering friendliness and honour in his words. The picture was clicked this way,” Rajinikanth, holding hands with Najib Razak and a green colored shawl on Razak’s shoulder, while both of them are showing widespread smiling faces.”

He tweeted the picture saying, “I am extremely happy to have met an excellent, friendly and warm person today … The Honourable Prime Minister of Malaysia @NajibRazak ji.” Now does it mean our superstar Rajini is making a new bond with Najib Razak? Or they’ve met for a purpose? What can it be?

Najib Razak has also posted a picture with the 2.0 star, Rajinikanth where he says, “Who doesn’t know @superstarrajini? Happy to meet the superstar in person today.” Now this clears our doubt a bit and we can say that it was a planned meet. Maybe? Looks like Rajinikanth and Najib Razak both of them wanted to meet each other and this has happened finally. The twitter posts are enough to claim so.

Rajinikanth’s, “2.0” is going to give us a jerk on October 18, 2017. The film is starring Akshay Kumar and Amy Jackson along with Rajini of course, it is a science-fiction movie written by S.Shankar itself.