Rakesh Roshan Saw Raees’ Trailer And You Won’t Believe What He Said About Shah Rukh Khan


The much discussed, big clash of 2017 at the box-office between Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees and Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil is next week.

The makers of the two films Shah Rukh Khan And Rakesh Roshan went through a lot of turbulence and discussions for averting the big clash, but ultimately the two are releasing on the same day.

But, as Kaabil’s producer, Rakesh Roshan said in one interview, “To quote a line from The Godfather, “It is strictly business, not personal.” And that seems to be in fact true. There are no hard feelings between anyone.

In fact, when Rakesh Roshan was asked if he had watched the trailer of Raees, he had only good things to say about it. Rakesh Roshan said, “Yes I have. I watch everything. It was very very impressive. And Shah Rukh Khan is looking dynamite in the film.”

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Of course this doesn’t mean that he is happy about the clash as it will affect box-office collection of both the films. In one of his interviews, Rakesh Roshan has also predicted how much both the films might earn. “I am happy about one thing. We both together will do Rs. 300 crore. Aamir (Khan) and Salman’s (Khan) single films have earned Rs. 300 crore. Here two films together will earn Rs. 300 crore. But then both the films have the potential to individually earn Rs. 300 crore if they were not clashing with each other,” explains Roshan.

That is indeed very true. But the fact that the storyline is distinctly different from the two films might be of some solace. Kaabil is a revenge saga of a blind man, who has been wronged and Raees is a crime thriller based in 1980s.

We will have to wait till January 25 to see how will the clash affect the two films Raees And Kaabil.