Rakhi Sawant Comments On The Controversial PM Modi Dress She Wore!



[tps_footer]Rakhi Sawant is the queen of controversies. The star who is always in the headlines for something bizarre was lately in the news for her weird dress. Rakhi shocked everyone when she wore a short dress which had the face of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The attire was short to the core and had images of PM Modi all over.

Rakhi Sawant who is known for making out of the blue comments gained loads of limelight for this dress. The dress not only was in the news for having the images of PM Modi, but it was in the media glare because it had the PM’s images at inappropriate places!


Rakhi Sawant who is blunt in her statements has now replied on the same saying, “I have got this dress made from all my heart and love for our dear prime minister. He is the best PM and I am representing him in the US. I just want to tell people: ‘Don’t waste your time creating controversies over my dress, instead take care of your family. There are more serious issues in India that needs to be dealt with, like rape of little girls, farmers committing suicide…So live and let live and don’t waste your time on my dress. Love you guys.’ The dress has been designed by a new designer called Sayki.”


Rakhi also went ahead and called PM Modi as her dream man, she said, “I wore this dress so that I can impress BJP, especially Narendra Modi ji and Amit Shah. I love them both. Rajnath [Singh] called me, he considers me as his daughter. I met him in Delhi and I will meet him again. I am already BJP’s daughter. I made this dress so that I can impress Modi ji. Modi ji is my dream man. I am most happy that he is our PM and he will remain one for next 15 years. Wherever I go I will wear this dress, and I will also make one sari with his image on it.”

Further discussing about the dress Rakhi Sawant added, “I had first sent this costume for approval and if Modi ji says that he never approved my dress, then he can put me behind bars, only he has the right to do so. Nobody else. I’m accountable only to Modi ji. I got it approved from him and his team and only then wore the dress. I respect Modi ji, I respect Amit Shah and all the BJP members. In the future, I want to join BJP and do lot of work. If they want me in their party, I will be with them.”

Well, we are not sure how PM Modi would react to this!

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