Rakhi Sawant’s Leaked MMS Video Goes Viral, Controversial Queen Reacts!


Controversies favourite child Rakhi Sawant has always been in the limelight over her controversial statements. This time, her MMS video has gone viral on the Internet, which has got her back in the news. The video of Rakhi Sawant changing clothes in the dressing room has gone viral. The video clearly showcases it is Rakhi Sawant and so does her voice proves that it’s her. However, there is something more to the controversial video.

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According to reports, Rakhi Sawant has claimed that it’s not her in the video and that someone has morphed her face. On the other hand, Rakhi has also claimed that the person in the video is a duplicate of her. That’s not all, Rakhi Sawant also said that she was not even aware that such video is going viral on the Internet.

Well, this is not first the first time that the actresses have been victimized of leaked MMS videos and pictures. In the past, many Bollywood celebrities have hit headlines over the same. Morphing video and pictures is quite possible nowadays but in Rakhi Sawant’s case, we wonder what the truth is? What do you think? Share your views in the comments section below.