Ram Gopal Varma And His Many Controversies







 Ram-Gopal-Varma[tps_footer]There was a time when Ram Gopal Varma was known for the kind of films he used to make. Today, he is known for the controversies he creates. After facing so many disasters, RGV now feeds on controversies to stay alive in people’s memories.

The Savitri to Sridevi feud isn’t the first in RGV’s life, in fact it is one of the many he courted. Here is a rundown of some of his controversies.

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A walk down the destroyed and devasted Taj after the 26/11 attacks along with the then Chief Minister of state Vilasrao Deshmukh and Riteish Deshmukh earned him the biggest controversy of his life. Many years later he made a film on the incident.

For his film Rann, he tweaked the National Anthem to fit the theme of the film. The Censor Board wasn’t amused about it. The trailer got banned.

Without feeling the need to ask for permissions, RGV announced remake of Sholay, tarnishing the classic forever. Fortunately, Sholay is too huge a milestone of Indian Cinema to be tainted and so it survived the onslaught.

But Ramesh Sippy slapped a case on him forbidding him to use the name or the characters from the film.A defiant RGV went ahead and changed the names of the characters but kept the essence of the story.

When he couldn’t find any human deemed fit to have a spat with, he turned his attention towards Lord Ganesha. Asking weird questions like what does the Elephant God do for his disciples or how does Lord Ganesha eat. He earned everyone’s ire and flak for being so brash about a God.