Why Did Ranbir Kapoor Click Kajol?


Ranbir-KajolRanbir Kapoor seems to be one busy guy. He doesn’t believe in resting. If he is not shooting for films, he will either be busy being part of his team’s matches or get involved in some other activity. He likes to be busy and always gets reasons for the same. Recently, he took to clicking pictures of Kajol.

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Don’t run you imagination wild. Ranbir was clicking Ajay Devgn’s wife’s Kajol‘s pictures because that was part of a women welfare campaign. He is supposed to click pictures of some of the most beautiful women in India for the campaign. The two actors seemed at ease with each other. Ranbir has got some really good shots of Kajol who is a natural poser.

Ranbir will next shoot Madhuri Dixit and Waheeda Rehman for the same campaign. Now we are really excited to know what clicks have he got. All the ladies in question are drop dead gorgeous and he doesn’t really have to do much as far as their charm is concerned. But since this is the precursor of a future director, we would love to see what he clicked. Ranbir, we are waiting…

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