Ranveer Singh – Drifted Apart From Anushka, Finds Deepika Padukone Hot!


MUMBAI: Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh, rumored to have been dating the leggy beauty Deepika Padukone, has finally revealed his true feelings!

Ranveer shares that he is completely attracted to the tall actress whom he is sharing screen space with, in his next Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Ram Leela’.

Recently the actor playing the Indian Romeo “Ram” was spotted at Yash Raj Studios dressed in a classy combo of a white shirt and blue jeans. Ranveer Singh is currently working on maintaining his lean look by being on a diet for his role in ‘Gunday’ as well as ‘Ram Leela’. At the studio, the actor got candid, and revealed the truth of his relationship with Deepika Padukone.

Clarifies Ranveer, “I am not dating her (Deepika). Bhansali wanted us to develop a comfort level, as the film we are doing is a passionate and intense love story. And while working on it, I grew fond of her.”

But what about the photos of them splashed all over the internet, enjoying a cozy night out at a club in Dubai?

“I come from a family where people are physically affectionate. Hugging and kissing comes naturally to me. It is a very casual thing. I enjoy her company thoroughly. We do what normal youngsters do. Like grab a coffee or go for a film…. But we usually have common friends with us,” explains Ranveer.

But the cheeky actor leaves room for a future when he says, “Deepika is a very attractive girl. In fact, she is gorgeous. I am attracted to her for sure. Even before I worked with her, I was attracted to her. I always thought she was hot. Who knows what tomorrow holds?”

But it seems his “Leela” does not hope for the same. Deepika had clearly mentioned a while ago that she would love to see Ranveer and Anushka as a couple again.

But, Ranveer is nonchalant, “I was not dating Anushka. Deepika must have meant a couple in reel, not in real life. Yes, I became close to Anushka while we were shooting two movies back-to-back. But after that, both of us got busy with our own films and we drifted apart.”