OMG! Ranveer Singh Faints While Dancing – Watch Video

Ranveer-Singh-Faints[tps_footer]Just who exactly Ranveer is trying to impress ? Anil Kapoor ?? Govinda ?? Shah Rukh Khan ?? or is he really,  madly in love with all the actors he has watched dancing and acting right from his childhood days.


This amazing performer, our very own Bajirao Ranveer Singh has dared to perform on Shah Rukh Khan’s fan anthem Jabra Fan song trying to mimic the original dance steps of Shah Rukh and trust us, Ranveer didn’t miss out on entertaining us with his funny moves in this latest Dubsmash video where you can see both the superstar together, Shah Rukh Khan and Ranveer Singh.

We all already know about the the craze of Jabra Fan and it’s been dubbed in six different regional languages. Just one song with tons of versions, millions of hits and comments plus, a lot of real Shah Rukh Khan fans dancing on his hit tune. And here is what Ranveer said about SRK,

This was Ranveer’s tweet about Shah Rukh but don’t know exactly what made SRK give this tweet in response of Ranveer’s act. He didn’t like Ranveer performing on this song or what is the reason ? Read SRK’s tweet,

Maneesh bhi kaise kaise heroes ko chance deta hai… Jabra Band Baaja Wale !


Was this said just in humour or SRK didn’t enjoy Ranveer’s performance on his song. Shah Rukh is known for his witty sense of humour but it doesn’t take too long for relations to turn bitter, especially in the entertainment world.