Ranveer Singh Whisked Deepika Padukone Away From Ranbir Kapoor


ranveer singh [tps_footer]Ranveer Singh barged into the sets of Tamasha and whisked Deepika Padukone away. Well, we know that’s old news but this made our gossip snooping mind to go on an overdrive.

If you remember, Tamasha is Deepika Padukone’s second movie with Ranbir Kapoor after their messy and nearly ugly break up. Imtiaz Ali has spun a love tale for them this time and has taken them to the country of love, France. But Ranveer’s presence on the sets made us wonder a lot.

What got us thinking was why Ranveer Singh decided to pay this special visit. Is it because Deepika’s ex-flame was also part of the shoot? Now that could be a possibility. Last time they worked together, they triggered speculations about a possible patch up. In fact, there were stories of how one can’t stay away from another for too long. But fortunately for Ranveer, they didn’t get back and his Leela with Leela continued unabated.

Ex is always a fearsome ally. There is always a possibility of rekindling their romance. Ranveer might have acted on impulse. He did barge into many other sets of Deepika’s films as well, but nothing made so much noise as this. We wonder what Ranbir Kapoor might be thinking.

Would it make him feel a slightest pang of guilt to see Ranveer and Deepika so in love? We also feel he wouldn’t have to watch that too long as we are sure Katrina Kaif will make a trip soon. [/tps_footer]