Box Office: Salman Khan Kick’s It Up To Rs 100 Crore


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Day-05[tps_footer]Salman Khan has made a huge Kick start in just 5 Days setting the Indian Box Office ablaze. As per the initial estimates the Ramadan day collections are going strong with Salman Khan and Sajid Nadiadwalas’ Kick crossing the whooping 1 billion (100 crore) mark post the morning shows today.

Salman Khan’s ‘Kick’ has done brilliantly at the Box Office over the first four days of release, shattered previous records of movies in many different parts of the country and even globally. The film has collected approximately Rs 1 billion (100 crore) net today on the eid day at the box office, taking it’s four day tally to a whopping Rs 98 crore and crossing 100 million today with the movie still running in the theatres.

As reported earlier by, ‘Kick’ collected Rs 265 million (26.5 crore) nett on it’s opening day. While the second and the third day saw good growth by collecting Rs 270 million ( 27 crore) and Rs 310 million (31 crore)on Saturday and Sunday respectively.

Monday also saw steady collections as the drop was the half of what the movie collected on Sunday. Salman Khan‘s Kick collected Rs 145 million(14 crore) on Monday taking its four day total to Rs 990 million (99 crore)

Since then, the figures have maintained a consistency in earnings collecting in the range of Rs 1 billion (100 crore) up until today and the figures are only escalating as the Eid-day continues.

The collections for Kick were quite phenomenal before Eid, and with the advent of Eid, we can only reckon how many more millions Kick is going to make.

The Eid day business will define how big Kick‘s collection will turn out to be. Stay tuned for more updates.[/tps_footer]