Real Reason Why Rani Mukerji Won’t Marry


As Rani Mukerji rightly told a friend, the past weekend has been one of the worst times of her life. Three crises rolled out one after another, plunging into Rani’s life, bringing her outwardly ordered life to a standstill.

The manic weekened began with the crashing of Rani’s dream project Aiyyaa. Then came Yash Chopra’s hospitalization. And finally the molestation charge against her brother.

This is one weekend Rani won’t forget in a hurry.

Scarily enough, Raja Mukerji is not being given the benefit of the doubt by any one in the film fraternity. All of them seem to think he must have done it.

“Wohto aisa hi hai. Raja has always been a problem child. We feel sorry for Rani. She deserves much better than this. But like they say, you can choose your friends not your family,” says her friend.

Sadly this, the latest misadventure of her brother has pushed Rani’s prospects of marriage into the background.

The friend says pensively, “Rani really wants to be married, and start a family. Bebo (Kareena)’s marriage made her re-think her priorities. She was just about reconsidering her marriage plans when this new bomb was dropped on the family. It’s unlikely that Rani would consider marriage for a long time.”