Is This The Reason For Rishi Kapoor Being Angry At Director Anurag Basu?


Some issues regarding ‘Jagga Jasoos’ are creating problems between Rishi Kapoor and Anurag Basu.

The release date of ‘Jagga Jasoos’ is around the corner. But, the four years that took in the shootings of the movie is taking a toll over the director and the actors. Even the CBFC has had a hand in it when they gave it a U/A certificate. It is obviously very hard for the makers when after trying to make it a kid-friendly movie for four years, you don’t get a clean chit.

The most affected person by all the issues regarding the movie seems to be the director, Anurag Basu. And, he is not making it easier for anyone around him too. Reportedly, the director has refused to show the movie to anyone, even Ranbir Kapoor and his family.

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If it is to be believed, Rishi Kapoor is not okay with Anurag Basu’s behaviour. The actor does not appreciate the secretiveness of the director and is getting angry at Basu for this. A source in the acquaintance of both of them speaks about the problem and clears the air saying that both of them are right in their own ways. The source said, ”Both Anurag and Chintu ji are right in their own way. If Anurag doesn’t want to show the film to anybody before its release, that’s his prerogative. On the other hand, Chintu ji is also within his rights, as his son is a co-producer on Jagga Jasoos. And even if that wasn’t the case, he’s entitled to be anxious about his son’s career. Ranbir has not had a hit in a while.”

Mr Kapoor and Mr Basu must clear their differences as soon as possible because it may affect Ranbir Kapoor more than it affects them. On the other hand, ‘Jagga Jasoos’ promises to be a nice musical drama and also a never seen before type of a movie. Both Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif portray their comical best in the movie and are definitely going to get some appraisal for their role. The movie will release on July 14.

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