Reasons Why Shah Rukh Khan Credits UK For His Success


Shahrukh-02Shah Rukh Khan is not only a superstar here but also is huge in Britain. Recently, he was aptly awarded the global diversity award as he has popularised Indian cinema in foreign soil. The Indian community there love him and such is his impact on them, that today even goras know who Shah Rukh Khan is. No wonder that Shah Rukh credited UK for making him a star. There are reasons why NRIs are so close to him.

1. He has been part of several Yash Chopra movies which showed UK many times. Even Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, he is a London born guy.

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2. Every time Shah Rukh plans a world tour, London forms a part of the itinerary. He makes sure they get to see him and enjoy his performances.

3. In DDLJ, he insisted on marrying Simran only if her father permits. Born and brought up in London, Shah Rukh Khan proved that Indian values can be followed wherever you are. Now NRIs feel more Indian and then people living in India.

4. London is special to him because he shot Baazigar here, a film that catapulted him to huge fame.

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