Reasons Why Sylvester Stallone Called Singham Returns Indian Rambo


Singham-Sylvestor[tps_footer]Sylvester Stallone is the eternal Rambo whom everyone loves. His conviction for his film Rocky paved the way for more films on boxing.

But we aren’t talking about his films, but his comment on Singham Returns. The Hollywood star found Singham Returns to be Indian Rambo. Now we wonder what did he like so much about the film and we found out a few of the reasons that might have impressed Sly.

  1. Ajay Devgn is one actor who has perfected the role of an action hero. An action hero is one who doesn’t only kick the goon but has the intensity. Nobody can beat Ajay in that regards and if you remember Rambo, it was all about Stallone’s intense rage in the film.
  2. The stunts in Singham Returns have been perfectly designed for Ajay. He does everything effortlessly. At this age, he is as agile as a 25 year old. That might have found a place in Sly’s mind because he is an action hero par excellence and knows just how to keep it coming.
  3. Car chases, adrenaline thumping stunt scenes and high octane drama…that’s how Rambo rolls!

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