Reilly Johnson Takes Content Creation To New Heights Alongside Animated Times’ Shiv Pratap Singh

When it’s an individual or an organisation, it’s really important for one to become a premier content creator tailored to one’s publisher.

Just like eggs and ham or perhaps Robin and Batman, content and marketing also goes together. Fortunately, for Johnson Concepts’ Reilly Johnson and Animated Times’ Shiv Pratap Singh, it all came to fruition. The duo has produced entertaining content which has reached millions across the globe. While Reilly Johnson is the founder of FandomWire, an entertainment news portal with millions of followers, Shiv is the Chief Operating Officer at Animated Times.    

Reilly founded FandomWire in 2017 and his online portal, under the company’s Johnson Newsroom division, has since been mentioned by platforms like Forbes. “It all began as a passionate idea,” added Johnson.

The online media pool is extremely diverse, thanks to various ever-evolving platforms. With his brilliant content creation skills and supervision, Shiv has created more than a thousand videos for the platform. “You need to have an understanding of social media, your audience, industry and how it works. The best creators scour for content,” quipped Singh.   

The creation of quality content resonates heavily with the kind of audience it targets. “There are certain times when the audience could be a tough nut to crack. The need of an appropriate audience can sap the creativity of an artist. This is why knowing your audience is a must for all creators,” says Johnson. 

Since 2017, Johnson has expanded FandomWire by introducing subcategory pages like FandomWire Gaming, FandomWire Movies & TV, FandomWire Trailers, Marvel on FandomWire, DC on FandomWire, Star Wars on FandomWire, Disney on FandomWire, Wizarding World on FandomWire, Star Trek on FandomWire, and even FRIENDS on FandomWire.   

He also recently started Inside Animals, an animal oriented media brand, as well as AthleticWire, an outlet which is made exclusively for sports fans. Johnson also aims to introduce subcategory pages like NBA on AthleticWire, NFL on AthleticWire, NHL on AthleticWire, MLB on AthleticWire, AHL on AthleticWire, MLS on AthleticWire, UFC on AthleticWire, College Football on AthleticWire, College Basketball on AthleticWire, Premier League on AthleticWire, AFL on AthleticWire, UEFA on AthleticWire, Formula 1 on AthleticWire, eSports on AthleticWire, and NASCAR on AthleticWire.  

In addition to his father Neal Johnson, Reilly has employed many talented people including Sean Steele, James Troughton, Jai Howlett, Ariane Cruz, Chris Nugent, Joey DeAngelis, Steven Gurman, Collier “CJ” Jennings, Simeone Miller, Mike DeAngelo, Brian Farvour, and Maxwell Mantik, as well as long-time friend Weston Gehman. Reilly looks forward to many adventures to come, with his Service Dog Dexter by his side. Meanwhile, Singh looks forward to continue producing good content for people around the world. “I have always had a way to channel my love towards art and storytelling in a more efficient way,” says Singh.

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