Inspiration story of a next International Producer of India Aleksandar Novakovic

Everyone was shocked when they show Aleksandar Novakovic & Paris Hilton together in a picture. We feel the picture is telling many stories right. But nothing has given to gossip yet by Paris Hilton and Aleksandar Novakovic. But one thing is sure it has catch media people eyes there on them.

We all know who is Paris Hilton, but it is time to talk about dashing young millionaire Aleksandar Novakovic who is better known as Aleks Supernova. 

Aleksandar Novakovic story is an inspirational story, from zero to millions. Very few can achieve such a figure at a young age. His starting face of life was full of struggle with his mom. 

When he was growing up, the situation was again the same. But Aleksandar Novakovic fell in love with football. Aleksandar Novakovic was a fantastic football player no lesser than an international player like Ronaldo. 

He was selected for one team, but luck was not on his side. As he met an accident right when he was going to join the football team, and the contract was cancelled. 

He then became and a fitness freak, day and night he was focusing on making one of the fittest body. Aleksandar Novakovic got a lean and healthy body like a model.

 After that, he gained a foothold in the fashion world ( among others
campaigns for brands like Diesel and Abercrombie) but finally he financed his life as a successful entrepreneur.

Now things were changing for Aleksandar Novakovic, and his skill and hard work started to give him good return. In no time, he became a famous personality, and he began to help business people with his contacts. 

According to the sources He is focusing on a new project now, and that new project is going to be in India. Rumours are Aleksandar Novakovic want to produce a movie in Bollywood. He is giving his entire time in creating contacts in Bollywood so that he can start his project in a short time.

Now he starts a new project in Bollywood or not, but pictures with Paris Hilton and his achievements have made him media favourite in India and in western countries. We will surely get some news from Aleksandar Novakovic side on his upcoming project and his relationship.

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