Revealed: Bollywood Stars’ Favourite Holiday Destinations


Featured-VacationsWe all know that a life of a Bollywood star is not an easy one to have. They have barely zero time to spare to do anything else than work. Most of the times they are either busy preparing for their upcoming films, or busy shooting for it, and other half of the time they are busy promoting their films. And with this entire work load and the lights constantly flashing on their faces, our Bollywood celebrities have no privacy. Unlike us, they can’t just pack their bags and go on a vacation. But they do go out once in a while and when they do, boy, they make the most of it.

Yes, these Bollywood celebrities also need peace, relaxation and getaway to refill themselves, and so they have their own personal favourite spot to go to have that peaceful time either alone, or with families or friends. We bring to you your favourite Bollywood stars favourite vacation destination. So in case you’re planning your next vacation, you can consider your favourite actor’s favourite spot and who knows, you might just bump into him or her. Take a look!