REVEALED: Kareena Kapoor’s Wedding Dress

Kareena Kapoor
Kareena Kapoor
Kareena Kapoor
Kareena Kapoor

MUMBAI: After Sharmila Tagore, Manish Malhotra has spilled the beans regarding Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor’s wedding. The fashion designer, who has confirmed that he is designing the actress’ attire, says he will stick to the bride’s simple, yet elegant taste.

Asked if he is designing Kareena’s wedding dress, Manish confirmed it, saying: “That’s right! You ask her the details. But yes, it’s mid-October, everyone knows this now.”

“There is a very small function which is (with) family and friends. Then there is a reception in Delhi, so (I am designing) for both the occasions,” the 47-year-old said here Friday at the HT Brunch Dialogues.

Saif’s mother, veteran actress Sharmila has so far maintained that the D-day is Oct 16. However, neither Saif nor Kareena, have confirmed it.

Malhotra says the preparations are on in full swing, and Kareena wants to keep it simple.

“Kareena, always as an actor and as a personality, never likes too much of embroidery and jewellery. She is beautiful and she is very aware of that.

“I don’t think there would be too much of embroidery or shine, it’s going to be more old world charm…lots of nice fabric, but not too much,” he added.

Saif and Kareena have been dating each other since 2007.