Roadies Rising: Remaining Roadies Are Gearing Up For The Grand Finale


Five Roadies Are In For The Semi-Finale. One Last semi finalist is left to be decided.

The last task of camp Patiala of Roadies X5 is introduced and it was one more chance for all the remaining Roadies to show their fighting power and enter the semi-finals. Basically, the six contestants who were left had to perform in pairs, a boy and a girl in each pair. The setup was quite interesting with a crane hanging a grid like structure over a net which was placed under the grid. The grid had hooks and one contestant who stood upon the grid had to attach flags of a certain colour to the hooks. The remaining three contestants would hang below the grid and had to remove the flags of the rival pair. At the end, whichever pair’s flags are more would win and be in the semi-finals. That pair who had the less no of flags would be eliminated.

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The contestants decided their pairings for the task. Samyukta from Rannvijay’s gang went with Priyank of Nikhil’s gang, Meenal of Prince’s gang with Shiv from Rannvijay’s gang. Though Shweta of Neha’s gang had issues going with Samar who was a little injured, but at the end, he complied and went with Samar of Rannvijay’s gang.

The task was simple yet pressurising because they had to fight to be in the semi-finals. Meenal, Shweta, Shiv and Samar made a strategy to together remove flags of red colour which belonged to Priyank and Samyukta. The task was performed in five minutes and the magic of the strategy worked as Samyukta and Priyank’s flags were very less. They left and even after a great gang to his credit Nikhil’s gang dissolved with no member left from his gang.

Meenal and Shiv had the most flags on the grid and so, they were in for the semi-finals. Shweta and Samar’s fate was to be decided at night during the vote out. The Roadies went back to the camp and at night, arrived for the vote out at the designated place. It was the most simple vote -out of Roadies X5.An open vote out by the semifinalists and the last one was in. Meenal, Baseer and Mandeep voted out Samar but Shiv voted Shweta. As a result, Samar’s journey of Roadies Rising ended or did it?

He thanked all the gang leaders, the host and even got emotional because he was leaving after coming this close to the end of the game. But, a twist was in the waiting. Samyukta and Priyank were called back on the vote out field and even every single ex-contestant of Roadies X5 came back. The ex-contestants would vote one person who they want to see in the show and the ones with most votes would re-enter the show and the semi-finals too. The episode ended there with a mystery about the sixth semi-finalist. On the other hand, next week we would have the finalists and the winner of Roadies X5.

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