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Salman Khan Bigg Boss 11

Woah! Will This Contestant Be A Part Of Bigg Boss 11?

Former Bigg Boss winner Prince Narula as well as Roadies winner is a reality show superstar.Is he a part of the reality show Bigg Boss 11?

Roadies Rising: Remaining Roadies Are Gearing Up For The Grand Finale

The last task of camp Patiala of Roadies X5 is introduced and it was one more chance for all the remaining Roadies to show their fighting power
Roadies Rising

Roadies Rising: This Roadie Is The Second Semi-Finalist Of Roadies X5

Famous rapper Badshah came this time on Roadies Rising. But, he didn't go just like that. He had a special power.Read on.

Watch: Prince Narula Gets Involved In A Heated Argument With Rannvijay...

Braveen Narula, who he is popularly known as Prince Narula, is currently one of the team leaders at the TV stunt reality show Roadies.

Roadies Rising:Prince Narula Takes A DIG At Neha Dhupia’s Acting Career,...

Former Bigg Boss contestant Prince Narula as we all know is the reality king of the Indian television. He has been crowned as the ‘Ultimate Roadie’, and has also walked away

Roadies Rising: Prince Narula Gets A SULTRY Lap Dance From A...

Prince Narula gets seduced by a female contestant on the reality show Roadies Rising, which is being judged by Neha Dhupia, Rannvijay Singh.