Rohan Mehra Reveals Something Shocking About VJ Bani And Bigg Boss 10!


Rohan had conducted several ‘Ask Rohan‘ session on Twitter.

Bigg Boss 10 contestant Rohan Mehra had a remarkable journey on the reality show. He had many ugly fights, faced criticisms, was nominated for the season as a punishment and faced much more during his three months stay inside the house.

Well, now that the show is over, all the contestants are back to their real world. While some are still bonding with each other and celebrating, others are back home, spending time with their family. Rohan Mehra, who is currently on a work break, interacted live with his fans on twitter. Rohan had conducted several ‘Ask Rohan‘ session on Twitter, in which he answered the questions posted by his fans.

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One of the fans asked Rohan Mehra that if he wants to share anything from Bigg Boss 10 house that was not shown on the television. Rohan revealed, “Yes many things were not shown ..govinda ji praised me a lot ..bani used to back bite about me and Lopa…etcetcetc”

On one actress he wants to work with:

Also, one of the fans made Rohan realize that how Om Swami was not punished when he pushed him. Rohan expressed his disappointment and revealed that he wanted to quit the show at one point.

When asked if he would ever like to go back on his show, “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai”. Rohan had a blunt  “NO” in his reply.

Rohan’s girlfriend Kanchi Singh also participated in #AskRohan session and wished him “Happy Valentine’s week”.

Here’s what he replied: