Sachiin Joshi Speaks About His Upcoming Film ‘Amavas’

sachiin joshi amavas

What makes a good horror film according to you? Story or jump scare affects?
Firstly I m a horror fanatic. I love this heart racing genre and have probably seen almost all the good horror films in existence. Well for me to make a good film, you need to have a good story. If the story is good you can work around the other aspects like the sound design or VFX to make a technically sound film.

How did you think of collaborating with Bhushan?
I have been following Bhushan’s work and we had spoken in the past to collaborate, but nothing worked out. Finally, we ended up making Amavas after I heard a narration and really liked it. Bhushan has a great sense of timing which is crucial in a horror film..his ability to work on a perfect mix that is required for a horror film is exceptional. I am glad we worked together.

We heard you all shot in tough weather conditions there. Tell us something about it.
Yes, it was freezing with minus degrees most of the time. It was difficult but we all stuck together and finished the film in one schedule. The whole team was very competent.

Your favorite horror film. Hindi and English
I loved watching Raaz but my favorite in horror would be Raat among Hindi Films. From English, conjuring was really good.

You are doing films in South too. One major difference between the film industries here and there?
South is very meticulous in their approach towards work..very Hindi they take our own sweet time but we are very well organised in Hindi Film Industry.

You take on Me too movement?
Me too movement is great. It is good to see women exercising their rights. I have always believed all women should be empowered and respected. No one has the right to take them for granted..

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