Sajid Khan And His ‘Himmatwala’ v/s The Media


MUMBAI: A few days ago while promoting his movie ‘Himmatwala’ Sajid Khan and his star Ajay Devgn picked a bone with movie critics by calling them all eunuchs and today we saw ‘Himmatwala’ release to some really bad reviews!

The keywords “Himmatwala” and “Sajid Khan” have been trending on twitter all day today, but not favorably!

In a recent interview, Sajid Khan had said, “’Himmatwala’ would be Ajay’s biggest grosser till date. Period. As for the reviews, I know they won’t be favourable. That’s not because the film won’t be liked, it is because we are talking about a Sajid Khan film here. There is a reason behind that as well. See, critics don’t like me because they fear me. Why they fear me? Because I have proved them wrong again and again; they have dismissed my films while audiences have made each one of these bigger than the last one. That should say it all.”

Added Ajay Devgn, “Critics are like eunuchs, they know how to do it but they can’t do it themselves.”

The Ajay Devgn and Tammanah Starrer ‘Himmatwala’ hit the theatres today and from what we see and hear people on social media networking websites seem to hate the film! But, well, at least it has managed to trend on twitter. Here’s what the ‘Janta’ has to say about the film and Sajid Khan.

Kamaal R Khan – KRK ‏(@kamaalrkhan22h): “After watching #Himmatwala you will be sure that They all 3 Farah khan, Sajid khan n Shirish Kunder are competitors to prove who is worst?

BADTAMEEZ DIL ‏(@bipashafever53s): “If i dont start studying for my exams now, my fate will end up same as that of Himmatwala‘s BO returns”

Jeev-Ayur Abhiyanta ‏(@HalwaHaiKya4m): “There is very subtle difference of stupidity between Sajid Khan and KRK.”

TheFinger ‏(@trickydonor5m): “If you come out standing on two legs after watching Sajid Khan‘s latest movie…you surely are a Himmatwala..!”

As you see, the word around is that you need to be ‘Himmatwala’ to be able to survive ‘Himmatwala.’ If only Sajid Khan had managed to be a little nice to his critics then maybe, just maybe, he could have managed to get half a star for his film, what do you think?

Anyways, it doesn’t look like the writer-director cares for any reviews just as long as he gets his share of viewership. “To all you critics, I am saying this with folded hands that please don’t review my film. Reason being that regardless of whether you give ‘Himmatwala’ five stars or a zero star, I would still not care. I don’t need a certificate from people who know nothing about films, be it Bollywood or International. It isn’t as if I am seething in anger; no, I am not. My only thing is that ultimately one should work for people than trying to tell world how a film is made. I am happy doing the former.”