Did Sajid Khan Just Confess To Being In Relationships With These Gorgeous Ladies?

Sajid Khan has been unlucky when it comes to relationships. He has dated a few beauties from the television industry and film industry but nothing really materialised for him.

When quizzed about whether he has been in a relationship that was heading towards marriage, he answered in positive and said that two of those girls are now married. Speaking about it, he said, “I was in a steady relationship with this sweet girl way back in the ’90s. I thought I would end up getting married to her, but I was not a good guy for the simple reason that she was nicer than me. I was cheating behind her back and she caught me. But she even forgave me. That’s how nice or should I say naive she was! (Smiles) I won’t say I regret not getting married to her.”

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Talking further about it he confessed to being engaged to somebody once in 2003, a slightly popular name but even that didn’t work out. He said, “I wasn’t a bad guy then. I didn’t cheat. I guess you just get bored. Plus, I am a reclusive person. I don’t go out, I don’t party. My outings are only my dinners with my friends or PVR movies!” Was he talking about TV actor Rakshanda Khan? The two were seriously dating and separated due to reasons best known to them. Rakshanda is now married to TV actor Sachin Tyagi and is currently seen in the supernatural series Brahmarakshas. No names were given, hence we can only deduce.

Hinting at his relationship with leggy lasses Jacqueline Fernandez and Gauahar Khan, Heyy Baby director said, “But if I split in June, the break actually happened in February-March. It takes around 90 days to get on with it and end it. Most relationships break up around three months before the actual split.”

Sajid and Jacqueline were going pretty strong till the Dishoom actress broke up and the reason speculated was his over possessiveness.

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