Salim Khan Forgives Salman Khan’s ‘Veer’ Producer

'Veer' producer Vijay Galani owed Rs 15 crore to Salman Khan over the film and had not paid him. Salim Khan, Salman Khan's dad, finally forgave him.


MUMBAI: Looks like forgiveness is the current theme in Salman Khan’s family. While Salman Khan let go of all enmity with Shah Rukh Khan last weekend, this week it was the turn of producer Vijay Galani.

For those not in the know, Vijaya Galani was the producer of ‘Veer’, the Salman-starrer from 2010. The film was a flop and the producer apparently owed Salman Khan Rs 15 crore. He had even dragged Salman to court over the matter. But things took a turn for the worse for Vijay Galani when he was banned by the Federation of Western India Cine Employees (FWICE).

Salim Khan said of this incident, “Initially, my son was enraged. Especially when Galani said that he doesn’t owe him anything. Which is why we had escalated the matter to FWICE. Anyway, it’s over now.” That is because Vijay Galani visited Salim Khan recently.

The producer requested Salim Khan to grant him leeway over the money he owed Salman Khan. He explained that he was short of money. A source said, “The other day, Galani dropped by at Salman’s house and told Salim that he was extremely short of money. Salim heard him out and decided to waive off the outstanding amount. Galani thanked him and left.”

Salim Khan said, “Salman is okay with it. I have told Galani that when his financial situation improves in the future, he can always come back and pay up.”

Vijay Galani too admits that the problem is now in the past. “Salman and I are friends now. All’s well that ends well.”

Salman Khan sure seems to be rebuilding a lot of bridges lately.

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