Salim Khan Lashes Out At Milkha Singh For His Nasty Comments On Salman Khan!

Salman-Salim-Khan-New-[tps_footer]In so many movies there are various sports personalities who have earned a recognition for their contribution and hard work including Milkha Singh. Rock On actor Farhan Akhtar played Milkha on the silver screen and made his hard work and journey unforgettable. We wonder why Milkha had no issues with Indian Film Industry a.k.a Bollywood then? Why now Milkha and wrestler Yogeshwar Dutt have such nasty reactions to Sultan Salman Khan being selected as a Goodwill Ambassadors for the Indian Olympic contingent in Rio Olympics 2016.

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It’s really shameful to see sportsmen with this kind of negative spirits and double standards. When a biopic is made on them, these sports personalities just love Bollywood otherwise, it doesn’t exists for them. Mind it, actors and artist train themselves rigorously to play their characters on screen and it takes a lot of focus too just like in sports. It’s not right to down look upon performers at any point, heartbreaking to know this.

But, no worries we don’t need to say much in our Dabangg Salman Khan’s favour because his father Salim Khan has reminded a lot of people including Milkha Singh about his own existence in sports and cinema on twitter. Salim Khan is not just known as a scriptwriter but he is also known for being upfront and honest about his views and opinions. Check out his tweets,

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