Salim Khan On Salman Khan’s Tubelight: It Would Have Done Well If Any Other Actor Had Starred In It

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Salim Khan talked about the failure of his son Salman Khan’s last release, Tubelight!

The Bollywood superstar Salman Khan’s last release Tubelight was a failure at the box-office. In spite of being an Eid release, the film could not meet the expectations of a ‘Khan’ film. Salman’s father Salim Khan talked to the news portal Scroll about the reason of the failure of the film.

He said, “Tubelight was a good film, which would have done well if any other actor had starred in it, but to have an action hero like Salman getting constantly beaten up and crying all the time just didn’t work with the audience. Someone like Raj Kapoor could do any role, the common man, the lover, the comedian, but Salman doesn’t have that sort of an image. The audience kept expecting him to fight back and when he did retaliate a bit towards the end, the entire audience cheered for him, but it never went beyond a couple of blows. Also missing was a love story and in fact, the little you see was added later, there wasn’t any initially.”

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He also talked about the compensation made to the distributors saying, “The reason for compensating the distributors was that the price it had been sold at was in expectation of it making Rs 250-300 crore at the box office like most Salman films, which it didn’t. If Tubelight had been sold reasonably, it would have been a hit.”

He was also asked if Salman’s image of an action hero limited him as an actor. Answering this, he said, “All over the world, leading men of stature have had images. Actors like John Wayne and Clint Eastwood have done the same roles all their life. Raj Kapoor was always a simpleton. If Tarzan wore clothes or James Bond didn’t romance women, they would not be who they are. As for Salman, it’s not as if he is a character actor so he can fit into any role. He is a star, so he has to live with his image.”

Salman Khan is next going to be seen in Tiger Zinda Hai with Katrina Kaif.

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