Salman Khan Arranges Special Screening Of Kamal Haasan’s ‘Vishwaroopam’


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MUMBAI: Salman Khan is a an incredibly supportive friend to those who need him. The ‘Tiger’ of Bollywood is known to go all out in support of those who he’s chosen as a friend. And Southern superstar Kamal Haasan was at the receiving end of Salman’s generosity recently, when the ‘Dabangg’ Khan arranged a special screening of the latter’s controversial film ‘Vishwaroopam’.

Supporting Haasan throughout the controversy, Salman has been instrumental in ensuring the film gets its due within the industry. Salman has been urging all his fans as well not to miss Haasan’s big-budget action thriller, despite the state ban on the film. And now, Salman has gone one step further in ensuring Kamal Haasan’s ‘Vishwaroopam’ is appreciated in all its glory, by arranging a special screening of the film at Ketnav.

Salman invited a host of Bollywood biggies to come and indulge in the incredible cinematic treat that is ‘Vishwaroopam’. He invited the film’s lead actor-producer-writer Kamal Haasan and his beautiful co-star Pooja Kumar, to give the duo a break from the seemingly unnecessary controversy surrounding the film. Salman himself accompanied the pair, and was seen posing with the South filmstar. That picture was worth a thousand words indeed, with two megaliths of Indian cinema coming together for a photo op.

Salman looked cool as a cucumber in a pair of maroon pants and a black ‘Being Human’ tee from his own line of clothing. The dapper dude posed with a relieved Haasan, and ensured his special guests had a great time at the screening. Also present was Rekha, the quintessential Bollywood diva, with her designer shades and ‘LV’ bag: looking like a million bucks as she posed with Salman and Kamal.

With such vociferous support from the Hindi film industry, Kamal Haasan will surely feel a boost in his morale. The film has finally hit theatres yesterday, and the critics have given it a good score, so it looks like Haasan’s ‘Vishwaroopam’ troubles may now be behind him. Hopefully this will be reason enough for the superstar not to leave India after all.