Salman Khan Will Never Write His Own Autobiography, Here’s Why


Bollywood actor Salman Khan launched veteran actress Asha Parekh ‘s memoirs, The Hit Girl, on Monday in Mumbai.

Salman Khan is investing his talent into different fields and it is quite evident. Salman has now stepped into the writing career. The Bajrangi Bhaijaan actor has now written a foreword for veteran actress Asha Parekh ‘s memoirs, The Hit Girl.  The book launch event witnessed B-town celebs Waheeda Rahman, Aruna Irani, Helen, megastar Dharmendra, Jeetendra, Jackie Shroff, Imran Khan and many more.

Salman Khan was asked to speak few words at the autobiography launch event and the actor gave a witty speech. Nervous Salman Khan said, “Asha aunty thank you very much, I don’t deserve being here. Pasine chhut rahe hai mere iss waqt (I am literally sweating right now), I don’t understand what to say. I think it is a very difficult thing for anyone to write their own autobiography, mujhse toh life mein kabhi na ho (I would never be able to do it in my lifetime)!”

He then pointed to Dharmendra and said laughing, “Dharamji would understand!” Well, looks like there is surely something behind this witty statement that only Salman Khan and Dharmendra know about.

Salman Khan was quite excited and made sure that he promotes the book in his own style. He said, “I am really really pleased that I am here, book, book kharido, you must buy the book, go buy the book, because this generation has lived the cleanest lives possible, professionally and personally! This book would be a book of values and principles, if has its highs, it has its lows, it has fun moments, it will have a whole career graph. I think is something you must read because it will only elevate you as a person. Thank you!”

Now that Salman Khan has made his debut in writing, should we expect an autobiography on his life?