Salman Khan BREAKS SILENCE Over Backing Out Of Karan Johar’s Battle Of Saragarhi


Salman Khan earlier had announced to produce a film with Karan Johar for Battle Of Saragarhi.

Salman Khan had announced last year that he and filmmaker Karan Johar are coming together for a movie slated to release in 2018. Akshay Kumar has been roped in by Salman to act in his production.

However, recently it’s been buzzing that Dabangg Khan has backed out of the project. It’s been alleged that Salman’s very good friend Ajay Devgn too wanted to make the same film. So when Salman learnt about Ajay Devgn’s plans, Khan reportedly backed out of the film.

Salman Khan has finally spoken about this. He took to Twitter to announce something about the film. He wrote, “Don’t follow rumors . follow me . ek baar jo maine commitment kar di toh phir…… vry much doing film with Akshay Kumar.”

Apparently, Ajay Devgn had announced this project earlier and had said that this film would be his next big production after Shivaay. And Salman Khan too had no clue that his very good friend Ajay was also working on a similar project.

Karan Johar then announced his film later and even got Salman Khan on board as the producer with Akshay Kumar in the lead.

Seems Karan-Ajay’s feud will still continue for sometime atleast. It all started when Ajay Devgn accused Karan Johar of paying Kamaal Rashid Khan (KRK) a huge amount to badmouth his film on social media. There was so much bitterness between the two, that despite knowing about Ajay’s plans of making the same film on the Battle of Saragarhi, Karan announced his movie on the same subject along with Salman Khan as co-Producer.