Salman Khan Hit And Run Case: A New Twist Will Favor The Actor?


The hit and run case of 2002, involving actor Salman Khan has taken a sudden new turn. With the doctor now claiming that he bungled Salman’s blood sample because he was never taught the right procedure.

As per the law, two handbooks called as the medico-legal handbooks have been issued by the government, for the doctors to refer during such cases. The doctor who tested Salman Khan’s blood samples admitted that he wasn’t even aware of the existence of these handbooks, and that he used common procedures to go about the case.

As per the handbook, 5ml of blood sample was to be collected, but the doctor admitted to collecting only 3ml of Salman’s blood. What is more shocking is that, these copies of the said handbooks have not been printed for over the past two decades.

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The doctor also stated that he had been searching for those books to learn about the correct procedure but failed to find it anywhere in the city. He was himself shocked to learn that majority of the medical associates did not know about the existence of such a book. Thus, like everyone else he had to rely upon ‘guidance from seniors’.

The doctor also seems to have filed a complaint regarding the same requesting the government to undertake the publishing of new books as the Civil Medical Code and Hospital Administration books are not available with several hospitals, but no action has been taken yet.

This new turn might work strongly for Salman Khan’s defense. The 50-year-old actor was charged with hit and run case, where he was driving his vehicle under the influence of alcohol and injuring few pedestrians.

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