Salman Khan Hit And Run Case: Victim Demands Larger Compensation


Salman-Hit-&-Run-Case[tps_footer]One of the most controversial and media-frenzy creating cases has undoubtedly been the Salman Khan Hit and Run case. The ‘Being Human’ star was acquitted of all charges in the 2002 hit-and-run case by the High Court last December and while that came as a relief to the star and his family as well as his millions of fans, the joy has been short-lived. After 13 long years, the court had given its verdict but things did not end for the star. The court’s decision has constantly been challenged by external elements. Earlier, the Government of Maharashtra tried to challenge the decision of the court. While one might have thought that was the worst, the victim of the accident has come forth and also appealed to the Supreme Court.


Niyamat Shaikh, who is the alleged victim to be hit by Salman Khan’s car, has appealed against the actor’s acquittal. The victim who is a daily wage earner is seeking more compensation after alleging that the accident lead to his disability. He claims that this disability has made him unfit to work and earn and since he is the sole bread-earner, his family is struggling to make ends meet. According to Niyamat, the High Court has allegedly ignored the provision of sections 357 and 357 A of the CrPC, which provides for compensation to victims of crime. He believes that the victim is also an integral part of the justice delivery system and that is why the courts ought to hear his plea. Family members of other victims have also moved to the court seeking higher compensation.


We will now have to wait and watch what twists and turns are going to come up next in this case.[/tps_footer]