Salman Khan Launches His Own Job Portal

Salman Khan has taken it on himself to Kick  , Salman Khan has taken it on himself to Kick , Salman Khan has taken it on himself to Kick You people are aware how Salman Khan has taken it on himself to Kick start the career of half a dozen newbies in Bollywood. Whether you want them or not, he will launch these newbies and make sure that they get more offers.

But it seems keeping track of so many newcomers have become a bit of a task for him. Hence, Salman Khan has launched his own job portal called

Salman Khan broke the news about this job website through his twitter account saying, “Appna Face book is not just for time pass, use it to find work.  beinghumanjobs. Kaam ki cheez.”

In the next tweet, he explains further how he spoke to his many friends to help people get employment. But he puts in a condition that the person has to meet the requirements. So don’t think that just by enlisting yourself in the website, you are set to get a job call. Also, we hear there are jobs for special people as well.

Perhaps, people got the notion that Salman Khan is distributing jobs and before such a notion could take a mammoth shape, Salman Khan clarified that neither does he have job nor is he giving out any. Various companies have posted job details on the website and they should approach them and not him.

Lets hope that this job portal proves to be of help to people who need jobs.

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