Salman Khan A Masked Crusader In Kick?


Salman khan Main cover Why you ask? So you thought Jai Ho’s failed show, has dented Salman Khan’s spell over the audience? Of course not. It was just an aberration which the man will try not to repeat. More so, when his upcoming film Kick is already creating waves. However, the first look poster of the film made us wonder, is he playing a Krissh resembling superhero?

Why you ask? Well, the poster just has a mask in the centre with a dramatic backdrop. Now, if we do assume that he plays a masked crusader, does that mean he plays a superhero in the film? For a Salman Khan fan, it doesn’t matter. The fact that he will be on screen is enough to draw him to the theatre.

Interestingly, Jai Ho too saw him play a Samaritan who is trying to spread the message of unity and a human help chain. That backfired hugely, and it is important that Kick works.

Salman Khan has seen an impressive and a meteoric upswing since Wanted in 2009. Jai Ho is the only bump on this road. So it is important that Kick does well or his might in the industry can get questioned.