Salman Khan Passes On His Role To Sonu Sood (Or So He Wishes)

Both Sonu Sood and Mahesh Manjrekar confirmed Salman’s initiative.

 MUMBAI: A Marathi film that Mahesh Manjrekar very keenly wanted to do with Salman Khan in the lead has very generously been passed on by the large-hearted actor to Sonu Sood, thereby putting a seal on the chances of Manjrekar working with Salman.

The prolific Marathi and Hindi director has been trying for the last two years to rope in Salman for a Hindi remake of ‘Shikshanachya Aaicha Cho’, his Marathi anti-academics satire on the educational system.

Now Salman has passed on the buck. He wants Sonu Sood to do the role. His logic being that the role requires the hero to be confined in a wheelchair and Sonu Sood who last week fractured his leg would be the best actor for the role.

Both Sonu Sood and Mahesh Manjrekar confirmed Salman’s initiative to utilize Sonu Sood’s time which would otherwise go to waste.

Says Sood, “Yes, Salman has offered that I step into the film. It’s a Marathi film. Heard it’s fantastic. I will  have to see the film. Then I’ll take a call.”

Mahesh Manjrekar who is in London said, “I did get a call from Salman. I’ll carry this forward when I return.”

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