Salman Khan Questions On Aamir Khan’s Controversial PK



It’s for the first time Salman Khan has tweeted in support of his good friend Aamir Khan’s PK.

We all know how much PK has been dragged under controversies for some or other thing. Be it for high-ticket rates, bare PK posters and now in news due to its religious controversies.

In attempt to protest against the film, Bajrang Dal activists have apparently vandalized prominent theatres in Ahmedabad and Bhopal. The activists were also caught damaging theatres in the city.

But with all ups and downs, PK is still doing well on screens. As well as the entire film industry has supported PK while some of them have also criticized the attack.

Aamir Khan’s close friend Salman Khan tweeted: @BeingSalmanKhan is P K not an amazzziiiiing film?

Aamir Khan, who is known for portraying his roles with perfection, says he respect all religions. “We respect all religions. All my Hindu friends have seen the film and they have not felt the same” Salman who had commented previously on the high-ticket rates is supporting PK. He expressed his likings after eleven days of movie release for the first time. Other than Salman Khan, actors who tweeted in favour of Aamir’s PK were:

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