Salman Khan Replies To NCW Notice For His Raped Woman Comment



[tps_footer]Salman Khan is having a tough time thanks to the wrath he himself invited. The Dabangg Khan who is in a great mess because of his raped woman comment has finally replied to the National Commission for Women. The NCW had sent a notice to Salman for his insensitive comment.

The actor during an interview stated that his training for the film ‘Sultan’ made him feel like a raped woman. This statement created a furor amongst the masses and Salman was showered with hate comments and tweets. The social networking sites were filled with hate for the Bajrangi Bhaijaan star.

The National Commission for Women issued a notice to Salman and demanded an apology and an explanation for his statement. The reply to the NCW is finally made by Salman Khan. The actor has sent his reply to the NCW through his lawyers.

Lalitha Kumaramangalam, who is the head of the NCW has said, ‘Salman Khan has not apologized for his statement even in the letter. The NCW is now studying the letter and will accordingly take action.

Salman was also ordered to appear before the NCW in which he failed. The superstar who was attending the IIFA awards did not even appear before the Commission.

The actor has now been summoned to appear on July 07, 2016. Now what turn does this case take is yet to be seen.[/tps_footer]