Salman Khan Slapped With A Lawsuit For His Raped Woman Comment!


[tps_footer]Salman Khan has landed in a grave soup for his insensitive comment. The superstar who is otherwise a favorite of many has now created many haters. Salman had to bear the brunt of the masses when he compared his training of ‘Sultan’ to feeling like a raped woman. The Dabangg Khan received loads of hate comments on various social networking sites.


The matter which was thought to be a passing down one has now become all the more complicated. The actor is now slapped with a 10 crore lawsuit for his comment. A gang rape victim from Haryana has filed a lawsuit against Salman Khan.

The complaint has been filed by the victim as she claims that she is still in a mental trauma because of the incident that took place. The complainant also added that the statement was hurtful and tarnished her image.


The lawyer stated that his client is in a psychological trauma after Salman’s raped woman comment. It is being said that if Salman fails to compensate with the terms in 15 days, then the lawyers of the victim will file a civil and criminal case against him.

The issue is all the more in the forefront, as Salman Khan has not even apologized for his irresponsible remark. Above all, the actor joked about it when asked on the matter saying that it’s better if he doesn’t speak much.

While most of the stars are mum on Salman’s fault many have also voiced their views against the actor. Now, what turn does this case take is yet to be seen.[/tps_footer]