Salman Khan Talks About The Biggest Compliment He Has Received For Sultan



Last one and a half month Salman Khan has been all over the internet firstly because of his much-condemned comment about feeling like a raped woman and secondly for the huge success achieved by his latest release Sultan.

The actor has been praised tremendously for his role in the movie. The actor who went through a lot of physical transformations for Sultan was applauded for his hard work and the dedication with which he worked out for the movie.

Well, the actor’s dedication indeed paid off and the movie had a rocking opening at the box office. It went on a record-breaking spree and created wonders.

The actor recently held a success celebration for the movie at his Panvel farmhouse where he also had invited the media.

The actor spoke to the media about everything related to the movie. He was also asked about his favorite compliment that he received for his role in the movie. Well the actor took a long period to think over the question but had the most befitting reply to it.

The actor said that the huge success at the box office itself was a big commendation. He said, “The compliment I have got is that the people are going to the theaters to watch the movie not once, but twice and thrice… there can be no compliment bigger than this.” He went on to add, “There can’t be a better compliment than Sultan’s collections of Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.”

Well now that indeed is what we call a humble token of gratitude from the actor to his fans.