Salman Khan Wishes For A Girl Child


SALMAN 04102013

MUMBAI: Between shooting for ‘Bigg Boss’ and his next film ‘Jai Ho’, directed by Sohail Khan, Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has removed time to create awareness about the girl child and female empowerment.

Salman Khan has said that he would wish to have a girl child. “If I ever have a child, Insh’allah I will, I wish it’s a girl. I want a girl child.”

Salman Khan then also went on to ask questions regarding behaviour towards the girl child and women in general.

“How can you kill a child even before its birth? It’s not about awareness, it’s about your mentality. If you kill the girl child, eventually there will be no mothers and sisters and guys will have no women to marry. Women play a huge role in our lives.”

Salman Khan has been supporting this initiative along with Miss Universe Olivia Culpo who is on a short India tour at the behest of Salman Khan himself.

Now we wonder if Salman Khan is finally thinking of settling down, or will he adopt a kid, just like his Bollywood colleague Sushmita Sen has?