Could Salman Khan’s ‘Jai Ho’ Clash With Aamir Khan’s ‘Dhoom 3’?



MUMBAI: Looks like Salman Khan is making it a solid end of the year. He has not had a single release in 2013, but now that may change.

With Aamir Khan’s ‘Dhoom 3’ coming on 21 December, 2013, Salman Khan may bring his ‘Jai Ho’ five days after that.

A source said that Salman Khan feels that he owes his fans a movie in 2013, and that is why the release date of ‘Jai Ho’ may be rescheduled. Of course, that would mean the understanding between Aamir Khan and Salman Khan that they would not release films close to each other has been forgotten.

Recently, Salman Khan said that he would fight his wars with the Khans (Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan) not personally, but at the box office. Is this his way of going about it?

Coincidentally, ‘Dhoom 3’ stars his ex-girlfriend Katrina Kaif. Is this Salman’s way of getting back?

Two big films back-to-back will be harmful to the collections of both films as viewers may now be spoilt for choice during the Christmas holiday season. Let’s see what further developments will be.