Does Salman Khan’s Kick Teach Us A Lesson?


 Kick Song008[tps_footer]Kick got mixed reactions from Critics and not-so-overwhelming response from audience. This Salman Khan film is grappling to go past 100 crore when it should have breezed past it. But nobody can deny that Kick has in it some fantastic life’s lessons. It is amazing to see how Kick can be educational as well. How you ask? Here it is:

  1. If you want to help a destitute kid with life threatening illness and is running short of money, turn into a tech-savvy ‘chor’ and commit high-profile chori. Why waste time on job hunting?
  2. Don’t follow your heart but the ‘kick’ you get out of things. Even if your mind is asking you to go against it, do it.
  3. It is possible to display same emotions on your innumerable situations ranging from sadnesss to grief to happiness or angst.
  4. You shouldn’t care if the love of your life is insulting your father. You are in love and you shouldn’t be offended by it.
  5. Who says you cannot fall of a jobless man who has least interest in earning a livelihood? Even if he follows you like a shadow, a bit of fist fighting is enough to make you see your life partner in him.

And you thought it isn’t worth the money![/tps_footer]