Salman’s Being Human To Produce 5 Films Soon



MUMBAI: Salman Khan has been keen on producing films but he’s not spending much. How goes that? He is raking in so much money from his own films, and with some of that money going into clothing and charity, he is taking a plunge into production as well. He is committed to making small budget films under the Being Human production line which will not cost much and which will have a social message for the audience.

Called the Salman Khan Being Human Productions he has in the past produced Chillar Party (2011) which was considered successful because of his name associated with it, and Ranbir Kapoor did an ‘item number’ to set the ball rolling. The film, made on a string budget, starring kids, was a film Salman thoroughly enjoyed and decided to back.

In recent interviews he has also expressed interest in some regional Marathi films which are being re-made in hindi. Foremost amongst those is Mahesh Manjrekar’s Shikshanachya Aaicha Gho (2010) and Mi Shivajiraje Bhosale Boltoy (2009) as he found these films novel.

Being Human Productions is going to launch 5 new movies soon, as current reports in the market suggest. He is clear that most of them will be for kids and will deliver a message. In the garb of entertainment, he also wants people to enjoy, and recommend his Being Human films for their commitment to social causes and awareness. A portion of the earnings is earmarked for various charities, apart from Being Human’s profit cut being utilised for the upliftment of the poor and needy.

A source says, ‘The film that Salman is planning for Suraj Panscholi and Athiya Shetty is definitely not going to be produced under the Being Human banner as Salman wants to focus on ‘message films’ under this label. He is still finalising the details of the 5 films which he intends to produce, and for which he is setting up a production base to soon put news out.’

Although he has not yet confirmed a tentative date, he will soon announce his plans. His sister Arpita Khan is likely to play a key role in SKBHP as production-in-charge.