Salman Khan’s On-Screen Bhabhi Stands Up Against Him!

Salman-Khan-Renuka-Shhahne[tps_footer]Those who have watched Hum Apke Hain Kaun will know who Renuka Shahane is. And for those living under the rock, Renuka Shahane played the ‘bhabhi’ of Salman Khan in the movie. Wondering why we are telling such a lame fact you guys?

There is a story behind this. Apparently, she is a close friend of Salman and has known him for more than two decades. So what?

Well, she has strongly reacted to Salman‘s “insensitive comment” issues and seems like she cannot digest Salman‘s statement. Known for her straightforward nature and zero intolerance towards malice, she quickly reacted and here’s what she had to say over Twitter :”There is no consent in rape. There is consent in acting & actors are also paid for it. A rape victim has to pay forever! Be human please!”

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This is definitely something different as Pooja Bedi was seen standing up for Salman while, Renuka, being so close to bhai, decided to call the shots her way! We have already seem tremendous sycophancy over the social media by the “bhai” fans who literally abused everyone who said a word about this issue.

We totally admire Renuka’s courage and her grit to call what’s incorrect, incorrect leaving aside all her personal relation with the actor![/tps_footer]

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