Sanam Re Director Divya Speaks Up On Actual Truth Behind Pulkit Samrat-Yami Gautam’s Affair!

Pulkit-Yami-Divya[tps_footer]Before we lose the capacity of thinking, just how many times will this Affair rumours of Pulkit Samrat and Yami Gautam will go on? Or just wait a minute. Give respect. Keep patience. It’s none other than the director of movie “Sanam reDivya Khosla Kumar, herself claiming that it’s not rumours. So, is it true Divya that Pulkit and Yami are having a relationship and they lied about all of this as a publicity stunt to promote their movie ?


Don’t know if we will ever get a clear answer on that, but here is what Divya had to say about Pulkit and Yami affair stories that are continuously going on in Media. In a statement given to Filmfare, Divya said, “If I could take a risk with five newcomers in Yaariyan and make it a hit then why would I do this for publicity with my second movie ? That’s not my filmmaking philosophy.

In fact a television channel had approached us with the idea of playing Yami and Pulkit‘s real life affair all day in their channel because it will give required footage to the movie. When my department suggested that to me, I completely put my foot down. That’s because I don’t agree with it. It’s not a publicity stunt. The media is writing about it because the power of pen is not in our hands. The media is writing what they want to – we have not fed them these stories.”

It looks like the Director Divya Khosla Kumar has more guts to speak in media and be direct about her opinions than the lead actors Pulkit and Yami, themselves can ever be. And yet again, blame the media for imagining and writing too much. But there is one more actor in the Lead Urvashi Rautela and so far only Urvashi has no Dating-Hating rumours going on from the movie with Pulkit, although she is part of it too and plays Pulkit‘s love interest in this flick, but not even one rumour with her. Why ? Isn’t that something intriguing ? Now, what Pulkit, Yami and Divya has to say on this ??


If media has the pen, then all people have Freedom of Speech. Lets see what new explanation will be out on this and from whom this time ? We are waiting.[/tps_footer]

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