Why Did Sanjay Dutt Avoid Salman Khan’s Birthday Bash?

Salman-SanjaySalman Khan and Sanjay Dutt’s friendship is one example of strong solidarity.

They have been known to be friends for a very long time now.

Then why did Sanjay Dutt not attend Salman’s birthday bash, where all his close friends and family were present at his Panvel farm house. (Inside Photos of Salman Khan’s Birthday Bash)

Sanjay Dutt is on his 14days furlough to celebrate Christmas and New Year with his family. While a day later from getting out of jail, government declared that they would conduct probe into Sanjay Dutt’s two weeks parole.

Due to this Sanjay Dutt and his family felt that his furlough may get cancelled. He has therefore decided to keep a complete low profile for two weeks.

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Salman was very keen to have his very good friend Sanjay Dutt on his birthday at his Panvel farmhouse. But considering that his furlough is under supervision, he planned to stay back home with his family.

Apparently, Sanjay Dutt’s furlough fun has passed on the screening of his cameo movie PK this week.

We think that Sanjay Dutt does not want to do anything which would make him compromise with his time outside prison. He has his entire plan to be with his wife and children and return to the jail quietly.

There is no party for Sanjay Dutt.

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