Sanjay Dutt To Finally Complete Zilla Ghaziabad

Sanjay Dutt
In a panic mode, on hearing about the many other cops films Sanjay Dutt is doing, Producer of Zilla Ghaziabad has requested the actor to complete his film at the earliest.

MUMBAI: Thanedaar Returns is Sanjay Dutt’s third cop role in a year. After Ram Gopal Varma’s Department and the forthcoming Zilla Ghaziabad, Dutt will again be  shown as a cop. But producer Aggarwal is unperturbed, “If you’ve seen the original flm Saamy you’d know this is a cop film  unlike any other.”

However Vinod Bachchan the producer of Zilla Ghaziabad doesn’t think so. In a panic mode on hearing about yet another cops film Bachchan apparently got in touch with Sanjay Dutt requesting that his film be completed at the earliest. Says a source close to Bachchan, “Dutt has finally agreed to give Bachchan the dates required to complete Zilla Ghaziabad. However the extra  action scenes that Dutt wanted to shoot to give the film an extra punch have been scrapped. Dutt has no time to shoot the extra action scenes that he originally wanted to. Only one vital scene featuring Dutt with Ravi Kissan will be shot. Then, thinks Dutt, the film is complete.”

According to the source the actor has moved on and just wants to complete Zilla Ghaziabad  as quickly as possible. “That’s exactly how the producer Vinod Bachchan also  feels,” says Bachchan’s friend.