Sanjay Dutt Opens Up On His Jail Term Like Never Before!


Recollecting the dreaded times, Sanjay Dutt confessed to Mumbai Mirror, “Every citizen should know the law because once you are in jail, no amount of money can buy you back your freedom. In 1993, when I went to MN Singh (then Joint Commissioner of Police, Crime), he decided my case fell under the provisions of TADA. Had I known then what TADA meant, I’d have questioned it. I was convicted under the Arms Act for possession of a rifle which was never found nor used to threaten anyone. Still it’s a big relief that I’m not branded a terrorist and an anti-national thanks to the SC’s judgement. My father (Sunil Dutt) who had passed away by then, would have been happy. Today, after coming out of jail, I realise people respect me because I didn’t run away. I served my sentence like a man and came out like a man, with dignity.”

Sanjay Dutt was then asked about his frequent furloughs, here is what he had to say, Click Next