Sanjay Dutt’s Health Scare in Prison


MUMBAI: It seems like Sanjay Dutt’s prison woes are only escalating with time. The Bollywood actor, currently lodged in Yerwada Central Jail complained of high blood pressure early on Saturday morning.


Doctors from a local Pune hospital were immediately rushed to Yerwada, to check on Dutt’s condition.

Jail authorities, however, revealed that it was a routine medical check-up, and that Dutt is fine. Superintendent of Yerwada jail Yogesh Desai said about the routine examination: “Yes, the health check of Dutt was conducted inside the jail. It was a routine health check-up.”

Desai added that Sanjay Dutt had not complained about his health, “Dutt is absolutely fine. There is nothing to worry about his health.” Adding that his blood pressure was merely checked during the tests, Desai said: “He did not suffer from high blood pressure but his blood pressure was checked during the tests.”

Dutt, who is serving the remainder of his 3 and a half year jail sentence, in connection with the 1993 serial bomb blasts case, had even recently requested special home-cooked food, medicines for his ailments and electronic cigarettes, the latter of which was denied to him.

Medical Superintendent of Sassoon hospital DG Kulkarni agreed that a team of several doctors from Sassoon hospital had visited Yerwada jail to do regular health check of two jail inmates on Saturday.

However, he refused to comment on the results of the tests. “Such reports are confidential and we can not comment on this,” Kulkarni admitted.